Afisha Picnic, 19/07/14

Moscow, Russia

Richard :D :D :D thank you

I always like the photos of Brett because sometimes Richard is accidentally in the background. LOL. Or else the only live photos one gets of Suede are just of Brett…

and that open arm post of Brett, he looks like he’s demanding you buy car insurance from him



18 years today, on July 29th 1996, Suede released ‘Trash’, their 1st single from ‘Coming Up’. It reached number 1 in the UK and got to number 1 in Finland. It is the first video which features Neil. In the Sky Arts ‘Songbook’ programme, Brett Anderson said: “I actually wrote it about the band Suede. It’s a celebration of the band, but by extension, it’s a celebration of the fans as well. And it was a kind of a song written about us, as a gang, it was written about the values we stood for. And even though it sounds like a love song, it was actually about the idea of the identity of the band, and what they stood for.”

CD1 Tracks:
Europe is our Playground
Every Monday Morning Comes
CD2 Tracks:
Have You Ever Been This Low?
Another No One
Suede - Trash

This song made me fall in love with Suede.