I want to make ringtone from that.

If there was one David Bowie record you needed to know when you’re about to join a band is ‘Low’. Because if you go and say “Yeah, I’ve got the greatest hits, I’ve got China Girl”, it’s not that cool. But if you got Low and you understand Low as a musician, what it does as a record, there’s not so much else you need to know really. In terms of voice, how music works, how production works, how an instrumentation works, the concept of it, how the cover sleeves are supposed to look. Absolutely everything about it. Just tells you what you need to do to make music.
Bernard Butler, BBC 6, 27 December 2011. (download broadcast here)

Brett loves this record too and mentioned it in fav albums or in soundtrack of his life… Imagine they listening this album together:D




I know I got tagged in some stuff..will do later

My source of WiFi is going on vacation on Wednesday for a week, haha, poor me, can only go online at work for that time period.

I hate my coworkers so much…well, not all, but most.

And this same stupid man asks me every time he sees me “did you…

poor man, looks like he has crush on you but can only speak about trains, but every day he just have no luck.

I know the stupid man too though…He keep asking me if I want a cup of coffee and every time I say that I have an allergy on coffee,